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A laser printer uses impact technology to produce characters.

Which of the following is NOT part of the CPU?

A modem can be used both for modulation and for demodulation.

In a relational database, relationships exist between which objects?

In HTML, links are created by using the anchor tag.

Which of the following is not a basic control structure in programming

True or false: To avoid flicker, a CRT screen needs to be refreshed often.

"Java" is the name of the newest Internet browser.

The result of a formula in a cell is known as the

An example of peripheral equipment is the

Another name for file server is peer-to-peer

A LAN is usually set up between two cities

A knowledgeable user can interact directly with the hardware without invoking the operating system.

Can you plug your keyboard directly into a phone jack and telephone to somebody in this way?

DSL modems use the cable TV network for data transmission.

Once you begin coding a webpage with authoring software, it is not possible to insert any code in HTML.

Some HTML commands (tags) have attributes.

Secondary storage is another name for memory

The control unit directs the entire computer system.

For two devices to communicate, they must

In a relational database, fields are represented by

One trend in operating systems is to make the user interface command driven.

"com" is an example of a top-level domain

FORTRAN is used primarily in scientific environments

A preprogrammed formula in Excel is called a

A file server usually transmits the entire requested file to the user.

The control unit consist of the CPU and the ALU.

The rate of screen refreshment is called

Text information in a cell is called a

Access is confined to storing words and numbers

An interrupt causes a program to stop temporarily.

The first graphical browser was called

Assembly languages are tied more closely to the computer than are high-level programming languages.

A message to be sent to another computer over the Internet is divided into

In Access, information from several different tables can be combined by using queries

In a spreadsheet, a label cannot be used for calculations

Signals produced by a computer to be sent over standard phone lines must be converted to

Hard disks have platters, access arms, and read/write heads in a sealed module.

Registers are temporary storage areas located in memory.

A network that connects all nodes with a single cable is

What common software has to be installed on all computers in a local area network?

Memory is usually volatile.

An ink-jet printer is an example of a(n)

Which of the following are NOT usually stored in a spreadsheet cell?

Which of the following is not part of the CPU:

Microwave transmission, coaxial cables, and fiber optics are examples of

Which is NOT a Boolean operator

A prompt is used in a command-line interface and indicates that the operating system is waiting for the user to enter an instruction.

A basic premise of structured programming is that all programs can be written using one basic control structure.

Software that translates assembly language into machine language is a(n)

A kilobyte (KB) is 1024 bytes.

The two most common formats for images on the internet are GIF and JIF

A collision occurs when the hashing algorithm produces the same disk address for two different record keys.

Each disk track is divided into regions called sectors.

The greater the number of pixels, the poorer the screen clarity.

An important aspect of a database is the relationship between the data.

Loading the operating system into memory is called booting.

The hardware/software combination that composes a computer's functionality is its

The purpose of a storage device is to provide a volatile storage medium for information.

The size of a computer's register affects the speed and the performance of a processor.

One of the problems with computers is that information cannot be represented as electrical signals.

The protocol for downloading files over the internet carries the abbreviation

The first high-level language to be introduced was

Data is scanned into the computer by using a mouse

TCP/IP is hardware that connects to the internet.