Franklin College
Erich Prisner

Writing Project 49:


  1. You need 0.1 kg of Benamylprolaxin, 0.2 kg of Carbihodratate, 0.3 kg  water and 0.4 kg oil to produce 1 kg of Aminosurbolaxat. 
  2. To produce 1 kg of Benamylprolaxin, you need 0.5 kg water, 0.4 kg oil, and 0.2 kg of Aminosurbolaxat, but as a byproduct of this process you get 0.1 kg of Carbihodratate.
  3. You also need 0.3 kg of Aminosurbolaxat and 0.3 kg of Benamylprolaxin, together with 0.4 kg oil, to produce 1 kg of Carbihodratate.

You start in the morning with 400 kg of Aminosurbolaxat, 200 kg of Benamylprolaxin, 100 kg of Carbihodratate, 1000 kg of Oil, and an unlimited supply of water. At the evening you want to have 600 kg of Aminosurbolaxat, 300 kg of Benamylprolaxin, 300 kg of Carbihodratate. How much Oil will be left in the evening?

 Erich Prisner, September 2005