Animations and Flash

There are animated GIF files---it is simply a collection of GIF files which are displayed one after each other. If 12 pictures are shown in a second, then a 5 second animation may have the size 60 times as large as each GIF picture. Corel Draw can also create animations, see the 69.5 KB example below to the right.

Flash animations take the vector graphics idea one step further. They may be considered as three-dimensional (width, height, time)  vector graphics files. If, for instance, the endpoints of a line move linearly, then it is enough to store the starting positions and the end positions of the endpoints. In this way, Flash movies need only tiny storage space. See the following 111 KB Flash 3 movie as an example:

<IMG SRC="Sturm2.gif" WIDTH=750 HEIGHT=350 BORDER=0>

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