MAT199 · Erich Prisner · Franklin College · Fall 2007


  1. A1: Introduction
  2. A2: Simultaneous Games
  3. A3: Sequential Games I:
  4. Example: Matching Chairs I
  5. A4: Probability, Expected Value
  6. D1: History: France 1654
  7. A5: More on Simultaneous and Sequential Games
  8. Example: Location Game
  9. Example: DMA Soccer I  ###PDF###
  10. Example: Dividing Six Items I
  11. A6: Sequential Games II: Perfect Information but Randomness
  12. Example: Sequential Quiz Show
  13. Example: Mini Blackjack and Card Counting I
  14. C3: Extra Topic: Decision Theory
  15. A7: Extensive Form of General Games
  16. A8: Normal Form and Strategies
  17. Example: Waiting for Mr. Perfect I
  18. A9: Mixed Strategies
  19. Example: Airport Shuttle
  20. A10: Behavior Strategies
  21. A11: Subgames
  22. Example: Waiting for Mr. Perfect II
  23. Example: DMA Soccer II
  24. Example: Multiple-Round Chicken
  25. Example: Matching Chairs II
  26. Example: Dividing Six Items II
Overview over the Examples
List of all games considered