How to play

A red team (to the left) is playing against a blue team (right) on the field. Each time, either

If a team possesses the ball, the corresponding player can either 


The game is interrupted after 45 minutes and after each goal, but you can interrupt the game at any time by clicking the "timeout" button.

If the game is interrupted, both players can exchange players (by clicking them off and on) or change the position of the players slightly (by dragging) around the corresponding circle, which indicates the natural position. The number of players you can exchange is fixed (5) and also the number of exchanges you can make during each break. If these numbers are exceeded, the exchange and moving will no longer work.

Player Strength

The strengths of each player is composed by the following::

The strength is the product of the second and the third number---the number shown. .

Whether or not an action like a pass or a shoot is successful or intercepted depends on

How did I create these initial strength numbers? I took them from the Kicker homepage where grades are given to all players in the Championship 2002.
score < 2.1: 8 as upper strength
2.1 - 2.3: 7
2.3 - 2.7: 6
2.7 - 3.0: 5
3.0 - 3.5: 4
3.5 - 4.0: 3
4.0 - 4.5: 2
Only those numbers that are red in the tables are increased to reflect the importance of the player.

For the left team, you may decide to choose a computer trainer, either to suggest moves (if a human trains the team) or to decide what to do in each step if you are playing alone (training the team to the right). You may choose between 3 trainers and different depth levels. You may change this setting throughout the game---just click the "change Trainer" button.

By changing the number in the field left of the "GG" button, you can choose how many clicks a game has.

If a game is over but a draw and you need a decision, click on the "GG" (golden goal) button, that allows you to play on until the next goal.

How it works under the surface
How the computer trainers work
Erich Prisner, October 2002